“Even though quality cannot be defined, we know what quality is.”

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Throughout the years, maintaining quality became a standard aspect of the daily work activities. The concept of quality is increasingly important and quality systems are developing into fully-fledged and important company assets more and more. The time when only the quality of the product was considered important is far behind us. Companies now also pay much attention to aspects such as; quality of the organization, environment and working conditions. 

Maintaining quality became a hot topic within Twin Filter as early as the beginning of the nineties. There were signs from the national and international markets that indicated the necessity to have the organization function on the basis of specified rules and standards. The supplier was expected to be able to offer the client, as a buyer of his products, a great extent of certainty that he would meet the requirements and expectations as these had been established. Within Twin Filter, this focus on quality resulted in the implementation of the Twin Filter Quality system, which Twin Filter developed based on the NEN-ISO 9001. At the end of 1997, this system, as well as the observance of the system within the organization, was issued the much-desired ISO-certificate. 

Policy Statement 
Twin Filter aims to conduct its business activities in an efficient, responsible and profitable way. The core activities are mainly focused on techniques for air filtration, liquid and gas filtration for the purpose of a wide range of industrial applications. Twin Filter is active on both the national and international market. 

Twin Filter furthermore aims to organize its business operations in such way that it's able to produce and supply competitive products and services with a high level of quality. In conducting its business activities, Twin Filter aspires to continuously optimize its product, service and organization and to strengthen its prominent position on the market in the long-term even further. 

Twin Filter’s responsibilities to its customers extend over four areas that are regarded as a single and indivisible whole. 

Responsibilities to employees 
Providing good and safe working conditions and good and competitive terms and conditions of employment. 
Promoting the development and best possible use of human resources. 
Making available the necessary resources and facilities for the sound and safe implementation of the corporate activities. 

Responsibilities to customers 
Fulfilling the requirements and expectations of customers and/or users.
Catering to the changing needs of the market by developing new products and improving existing products.
Offering a wide range of products and services. 

Responsibilities to the community at large 
Carrying on business activities as a responsible member of society and in accordance with the applicable rules, laws, standards and social wishes and anticipating future developments. 

Observing the agreement that is made with respect to increasing the market. Making a survey of the market and providing information concerning the needs and changes in the market and offering the products at a reasonable price. 

Twin Filter believes that the efforts to guarantee the quality of the product, organization, environment and working conditions are essential in order to win and retain the confidence of the customer and guarantee the continuity of the business in the long-term. 

In order to guarantee the quality of the product, the service and the organization and to be able to constantly improve the quality level, Twin Filter pursues a policy in which the business activities are conducted according to established rules and standards. 

By stimulating measures that enable the continuous co-ordination between practice and theory, the organization can maintain the desired level of quality. By promoting the internal communications and improving the work climate, Twin Filter encourages its employees to achieve the best possible performance through co-operation. This because it is fully aware that the success of the company depends upon the total commitment, firm determination and discipline of everyone employed at Twin Filter. 

With its policy with respect to the organization, and through the continuous co-ordination with established rules and standards, Twin Filter anticipates changing circumstances, requirements, regulations and social values and norms. 

Working conditions 
The policy of Twin Filter is also to look after health, safety and welfare of all people who work at or for it, in carrying on its corporate activities. Not only by complying with the relevant statutory regulations but also by taking measures to protect the health of those who could be adversely affected, directly or indirectly, by the nature of their work. These measures are intended to achieve and maintain the best possible working conditions. 

The environment 
Twin Filter recognizes that it has a social responsibility to help to conserve the environment when carrying out its corporate activities. In addition to complying with the relevant statutory regulations, Twin Filter policy is also to promote measures to prevent and where necessary limit any effects, which its corporate activities may have on the environment. 


Twin Filter B.V. is registered at Achilles. Achilles is a qualification company. The registration is used by a lot of oil companies to rate suppliers. Twin Filter B.V. is an audited oil and gas supplier!




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