Combi Unit Cartridge and Bag


This compact, sophisticated filter unit combines the function of two filter units; a dual pod bag filter unit and dual pod cartridge filter unit. The unit allows pre-filtration, and polish filter with bags or cartridges, within one unit. During the cartridge operation, the baskets and basket plate can be stored in a special storage rack in the unit. The Duplex filter unit has the capability to use standard filter bags as well as standard plug-in cartridges.
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Product specifications

Technical Specifications  
TDW 610-50/40-4B  
Number of cartridges per vessel 50 cartridges / 4 bags
Cartridge diameter 2.5‘’ (63.5 mm)
Cartridge length 40‘’ (101.6 cm) plug in type
Bag surface 5.38 ft² (0.5 m²) / bag
Bag size length 2 / OD 7.1‘’ (170 mm)
Maximum recommended flow 18/12 bbl/min (143 m3/hr)
Maximum working pressure 7 bar (105 psi)
Maximum working temperature 158 °F (70 °C)
System Design Features
Standard serial/parallel configuration.
Standard TDW 610 type: 50 cartridges and or 4 bags per vessel.
Compact space saving design.
Storage racks for all baskets and bag top plates.
Innovative push lever and swing-away vessel lid, easy to operate.
Swing-bolts and nuts for quick opening.
Self sealing, service friendly cover gasket.
All 4 inch valves easy to operate.
Certified hoisting slings lifting lugs and forklift pockets.
Safety valve set at 7 bar (105 Psi).
Offshore DNV 2.7.1 frame.
ASME Vlll / DNV / TUV / Stoomwezen certified.
High pressure design.
Other construction materials.
Other cartridge configurations.
Other manifold size and connection types.
Vessel linings: rubber, epoxy, glass flake, PU.

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