Pressure Leaf Horizontal Tank


Parker Twin Filter offers filter leaves suitable for dry and wet cake discharge with different filter mesh depending on your application. For a filter leaf to operate according to your requirements three basic design criteria are important.
1. A solid construction to ensure a long lifetime.
2. Chemical compatability.
3. Optimum design for excellent drainage of the filtrate and drying gas.

Our filter leaves consists of several layers of wire mesh. The inner layer is a coarse mesh to discharge the filtrate and support of the outer layers. On top of the support layer there is a course drainage layer with on top of it a final filter mesh is mounted. This design allows a full flow with minimum restrictions. The leaves are available in bolted or riveted construction. As an alternative Parker Twin Filter offers an extra rigid and durable filter leaf. The life time of the leaf can be up to 20 years. The leaves are constructed of fully welded perforated sheets with support channels designed for a low pressure loss. The perforated sheets are covered with replaceable mesh, bolted to the frame. The filter leaves can be re-meshed on site.

Parker Twin Filter also supplies leaves with special media, for instance laser perforated holes or etched openings. These filter leaves offer the advantage of a good chemical resistance and an excellent cake release. Synthetic leaves are available in polypropylene, PVDF or other materials on request. These filter leaves are covered by synthetic filter material. The filter cake is discharged as a wet slurry.

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