Filter Leaves


Twin Filter offers filter leaves suitable for dry cake discharge as well as wet cake discharge.The Twin leaf product line is answering todays expectations regarding quality and filtration area. We have filter elements available with different filter mesh depending on the application.


Proper leaves are crucial to profitable filter operation. At the leaves, liquor is mechanically separated into residue and treated product. Twin Filter has its own manufacturing facility for the production and repair of both round and rectangular filter leaves.

We fabricate metal leaves in all sizes, shapes and alloys to original specifications or improved field tested designs. We also fabricate plastic leaves. We design new leaves based on filter medium, chamber, binder and closure, and outlet fitting. Our leaves provide maximum strength and flow at minimum pressure drop within a filter.

We can restore your present leaves "as new" with replacement of worn internals, prior to recovering with suitable filter medium. We repair leaves for a wide range of filter brands (AMA, USF, STOCKDALE, LFC, etc). Rebuilding often saves money over designing and manufacturing new leaves.




Product specifications

System Design Features
Optimum flow, low differential pressure resulting in equal process results between small and large elements
High flow nozzle resulting in better precoating, better cake drying and better cake discharge
Less forces on profile due to the new nozzle

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