Twin Plate Reverse Flow


The principle of Twin Plate Horizontal Filters is a technology that has proven itself in a wide range of applications throughout the years. In addition to quality, reliability and financial benefits, Twin Filters added value is in the manufacture of custom-built products. We can develop a Horizontal Plate Filter for any filtration process, which will meet with all your specifications and requirements.

In the Reverse Flow model the contaminated fluid is pumped into the filter through the center column, then evenly distributed to the plates for filtration after which the clean fluid flows into the tank and out a drain. All cake or solids remain in the cartridge bundle.

The horizontal position assures uniform precoat and an even cake distribution, without the danger of the cake dropping or cracking. Due to the horizontal position of the filterplates the filtercake can be subjected to as many consecutive processes as required, such as washing, extraction or drying. The Reverse Flow Horizontal Plate Filter combines the advantages of horizontal plate orientation with clean filter tank operation.


Product specifications

System Design Features
Superior, clean tank processing
Cake stability
Maximum product recovery
Versatile operations
Totally enclosed construction
Quick change cartridge
Sanitary operations
Food processing
Varnish, lacquer and resin
Fine chemicals
Electro plating
Optional Design Features
Heating or cooling jackets / therm plates.
Segment clamp bolted or hydraulic operated quick opening covers.
Skid or caster mountings
Pre coat tanks
Interconnecting piping etc.

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