Parker Hannifin (Twin Filter) has its own range of Automatic Self Cleaning Filter units; TwinOmatic. 

A TwinOmatic Self Cleaning Filter is mostly used as a first step filtration of surface water, like sea, lake, river or canal water. A TwinOmatic is highly effective in removing suspended solids down to 50 micron without flocculants, pre coats or granulated media. The TwinOmatic should be positioned directly after the water intake pump, and is normally equipped with one or serveral 50 to 150 micron screens. This pre treated water can than be used in a wide range of applications like: RO pre filtration, cooling water, pipeline flushing, general process water or injection water, used for enhanced oil recovery.


The TwinOmatic operates fully automatically, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. Our standard TwinOmatic is electrically driven and controlled. The cleaning mechanism uses a unique suction scanner which cleans 100% of the total filter area due to the spiral rotation of the suction scanner with the cleaning nozzles. This results in an effective cleaning. During the automatic self cleaning cycle there is no interruption of the outlet flow and a

minimal flush, less than 5% of the total flow, is used for its cleaning process.


Our TwinOmatic self cleaning filter unit can both be horizontally and vertically possitioned.
Our complete range of TwinOmatics consist of;
- TwinOmatic Horizontal
- TwinOmatic Vertical
- TwinOmatic Compact
- TwinOmatic Brush
- TwinOmatic Mega (multiple screens)

Product specifications

Technical Specifications  
Minimum operating pressure 2 bar (29 psi)
Clean filter pressure loss 0.1 bar (1.45 psi)
Maximum water temperature 50ºC (122ºF )
Filtration range 50-500 micron
Control system electrical / PLC, 380V AC, 3ph
Filter housing materials steel epoxy coated
System design features
Effective Cleaning of the total filtration area, even at minimum pressure.
Minimum flush, less than 5% of the total flow is used for cleaning.
High flow rates (up to 1.800 m3/hr/single screen)
Special design for oilfield operations.
Fully automatic operation (no operator required).
Compact and robust.
Uninterrupted flow and continuous filtration during cleaning.
Optional design features
Multiple screens.
Higher design pressure and temperature range.

Stainless steel or delrin nozzles.

Superduplex screen.

Anti corrosion coating, specially for sea water (e.g. glass flake lining).

Stainless steel housing.
Rubber lined housing.

Different electrical motor.

ATEX complience.

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